About District Shangla
   Shangla District  is a district in Malakand Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan. The district headquarters are located at Alpuri.It was previously a subdivision of Swat District, but was upgraded to the status of a district on July…....
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Deputy Commissioner Shangla Message
               It gives me tremendous pleasure to welcome you to the official web site of the District Government Shangla. This Online resource embodies the information not only about policies, objectives, functions, hum... View Details
Additional Deputy Commissioner Shangla Message
     The District Administration Shangla is striving to offer efficient service delivery, citizen friendly governance, sustainable social economic and infrastructure development. Better service delivery is subject to closer interaction with publ... View Details


E&D Rules
Description: E&D Rules | Year: 2011
District Government Budget Rules
Description: District Government Budget Rules | Year: 2016
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Designation Contact / Extension Email Address
DC Office Shangla 0996850005 dco.shangla@gmail.com
ADC Office Shangla 0996850911
PMRU DC Office Shangla 0996851252 pmrushangla@gmail.com
DPO Office Shangla 0996850015
ADC Finance and Planing 0996850679
DEO Male Shangla 0996850639
DEO Female Shangla 0996850686
DD Agriculture 0996850649
C&W Division Shangla 0996850736
PHE Division Shangla 0996850134
AD LG&RDD; 0996850381
TMA Alpuri 0996850757
AC Alpuri 0996850007
AC Besham 0996400809
Assistant Director-I.T 0996-850364
AC Puran 0996853119 acpuransh@gmail.com
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